Irystec Succeeding with Platform Strategy

We have reported on Irystec several times. The company is developing a range of technologies that support the processing of images to take into account differences in human vision. The company has built a platform that is effectively able to add ‘plug ins’ to support different options. The key decision for vendors is to support the platform (Perceptive Display Platform or PDP), after which, they can choose from different processing according to the application.

The first application released was MobileView, which optimised mobile device performance in high ambient light. The second is an application that is not yet being shown, but has, apparently, been adopted by a number of brands and that is for automotive applications. In automotive applications, the viewers’ vision changes a lot as it reacts to different levels of ambient light and the DriveView technology can optimise for very dark or very bright conditions, automatically. It is being released this year and will be adopted by a number of automotive brands.

The next application is to compensate for ageing. Eyes often change in their colour performance and sensitivity over time and with ageing populations, so the company offers a ‘MyView’ application that can be used to optimise display for a particular individual. White point and perception of skin tones can change with older age. (hmmm… I was tempted towards some political commentary, there! Man. Ed.) Sharpness also tends to reduce, so some may like to see some edge sharpening to make images clearer.

Irystec regularIrystec can sharpen and change white point. Click for higher resolution which shows the sharpening better (right image). Image:Meko

Further developments planned are for video tone mapping. In automotive, cars already have HDR cameras and the output needs to be matched to the display, and the ambient conditions. The processing can be very different for natural and synthetic images.

The stage after that will be a slightly delayed plan to allow compensation for visual defects such as colour vision deficiencies.