IQE Launches 200mm RGB Epitaxial Wafers for MicroLED Display Qualification

IQE, a company based in Cardiff, Wales, UK, has introduced a new line of 200mm (8″) epitaxial wafers in red, green, and blue (RGB) for MicroLED displays. IQE’s GaN and GaAs epitaxy comes in a wide range of RGB epiwafers for MicroLED display qualification. IQE aims to expedite the time-to-market process. The availability of multi-wavelength solutions and the option for 200mm (8″) wafers from IQE’s global operations adds supply chain diversification.

Dr. Mark J. Furlong, executive VP of business development at IQE, highlighted the company’s commitment to supporting the deployment of MicroLEDs across various applications. IQE aims to become a critical player in the high-growth display market by expanding its expertise in GaN technologies and offering a diverse range of materials technology platforms for MicroLED display qualification.

IQE plans to scale its technology roadmap to larger 300mm (12″) wafers, which can lead to cost savings and more efficient production for micro-LED displays.