Intellisense Introduces New 15-inch UXGA Avionics Display With Alpha Blending and Picture-in-Picture

Intellisense Systems, a well-known provider of avionics display systems, has introduced the Primary Flight Display 12 x 9 (PFD–1209). The new offering is a 15-inch display with vFusion capabilities and a UXGA (1600 x 1200) pixel resolution. Notably, it also includes a dual mode backlight and night-vision compliance.

Source: Intellisense

The PFD–1209 meets Design Assurance Level A standards, which is the highest safety assurance level for airborne electronic hardware and software. With ARINC 818 and DVI-D video interfaces, along with a customizable bezel, the system presents an open architecture. This design promotes future growth and flexibility, enhancing the sustainability and reliability of the system, while aiming to decrease cost of ownership.

The PFD–1209’s large-area display provides increased visibility for pilots. It includes a multi-redundant system with three inbuilt graphics processing units. This redundancy ensures the continuous provision of critical data, even during interruptions or failures. An optional feature with the PFD–1209 is the vFusion capability, which enables the combination of up to four inputs on a single screen. This capability allows for the overlaying of inputs with alpha blending, and picture-in-picture with zoom capabilities. These features could potentially reduce pilot workload and increase operational efficiency.

Recently, the PFD–1209 was selected as the primary flight display for the replacement multi-function controls and displays (RMCDs) on the C-5M Super Galaxy transport aircraft. Intellisense, as the main contractor, is currently integrating the PFD–1209 system into all 52 C-5Ms in the United States Air Force fleet. The PFD–1209 has demonstrated its reliability, with a mean time between failures reported to be over 23,000 hours with airborne inhabited cargo.