Inside Look at the Apple Watch

We are still awaiting the release of the Apple Watch and the expected reports of great sales. Of course, technical details are being widely discussed based on news from the supply chain, Apple and news outlets.

We also know quite a bit about the functionality and usage provided by Apple, with some sources already posting reviews and user experience reports. The latest detail is an infographic developed and published by ‘How it works’. Courtesy of, we can show you a copy of this breakdown by parts.

Apple Watch inside

We already know that Apple will use a flexible AMOLED display and as AppleInsider reports, this little display costs more than half of what Apple pays for its 4.7″ display in the iPhone 6 (based on an analysis from NPD DisplaySearch).

The wonders of the interior show the S1 chip , the battery, display and other components. The display will take up very little interior space, with most of the volume going to the logic board, chip and battery. If the initial reports are correct, Apple would have liked to provide an even larger battery, as the battery life seems limited to one day (depending on usage) and competitors are often claiming two days for their products.

Nevertheless, on the first day of the pre-order release by Apple, some of the models are already showing as delayed by shipment date. While the website has been up since 3.05 AM eastern daylight saving time, the first TV news reports just four hours later showed that the ordering must be up to a good start. After the first eight hours, the Apple Watch sports edition (this is the low cost model) is listed as shipping by June, which is also true for most high-end watches. There are also reports that some models already have shipping dates in August and certain models do not have a shipping date at all.

Apple Watch pre order

The chart shows that the stainless steel model will ship in 4-6 weeks, even though the official sales release in-store is April 24, at which point you should be able to buy an Apple Watch just by walking into the store and putting down your credit card. Well, good luck with this one. If the stated shipping dates are any indication, the Apple Watch is already sold out. I can already see Tim Cook on the stage saying – “We sold millions in the first 24 hours…”. Soon we will also know how many units the company actually sold and how quickly Apple can recover from the first demand spike. Which is a question that may also involve LG, as the flexible AMOLED display is tapped as one potential hurdle for ramping up capacity. – Norbert Hildebrand