Innovative Digital Displays for Volkswagen Concept Store

Volkswagen’s first concept store has opened at the Bullring shopping centre in Birmingham, England.

The ultra-modern store concept, designed by Dalziel & Pow, features a range of innovative display technology to attract and excite its customers.

First to hit the eye is the 10-screen video wall displaying images and information regarding Volkswagen’s product line.

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Along the left-hand side of the store, an array of interactive digital displays enable visitors to become immersed in the brand, using simple touch gestures to examine vehicles in 360°, as well as displaying product features, quotes from car owners and the company’s social media feeds. There are also child-friendly features situated on the lower shelves, packed with all kinds of fun and games aimed at kids.

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There is also a central table with iPads where customers can design their own Volkswagen vehicle, choosing from a range of features and colour options, before displaying their creations on the big screen.