Innolux Premieres World’s First 100 Inch 16K Display The Best Vision Ever

Touch Taiwan Display International 2018 is held during August 29-31 at Nangang Exhibition Center. Boosted by the international sport games and growth of commercial market, PID, a product with high gross profit and good for capacity consumption, becomes a focus of the show.

Innolux premieres the world’s first 100 inch 16K S-UHD Display module to provide the best vision ever for audience. The product is equipped with sophisticated brightness, color gamut, and darkness. James Yang, GM of TV Product regards 16K display as a pride in technology breakthrough. Innolux also exhibits various type of high-end TV display module for commercial market.

World’s First 100 Inch 16K8K S-UHD Display

Innolux’s latest 100 inch 16K8K S-UHD Display module exhibits the best for human vision ever. The product is equipped with the latest video chip, high-transmittance pixel design, high brightness, 16K8K high resolution (15360×8640), wide viewing angle and wide color gamut, to present images with sharper outline and stereoscopic feeling. No pixel dot would be detected at even as close as 50 cm. The combination of 16K and 100 inch panel enhance the image realism. It is very eye-catching to have one single panel presenting such a large view at any occasion.

65 Inch 8K Mega-Zone Display Outperforms OLED

Innolux furthers upgrade the technology to produce 65 inch 8K Mega-Zone Display with over 8 million local dimming and static contrast ratio 1,000,000:1. The darkness of night scene could be truly delivered without halo even in dim environment. The resolution of Innolux 8K Mega-Zone Display is 4 times of OLED’s, with double brightness, based on the same power consumption of 4K OLED TV. Mr. Yang said the 4K Mega-Zone last year was highly recognized by the clients. The 8K Mega-Zone targets commercial and domestic applications. With more economic price, its market potential is optimistic.

277 Inch Ultra-thin Border TV Wall For Mobile Office And Outdoor Exhibition

Innolux showcases a 277 inch TV wall with height 2.86 m which is composed of 2×8 65 inch ultra-thin border panels to deliver the best liveness. The ultra-thin 0.99 mm active to active border distance greatly reduces the image mismatch and is ideal for department store, airport, shopping mall and cinema for various purposes.

Kirameki Display The Pioneer of Sheen Simulation

Innolux developed Kirameki Display with advanced algorithm and unique panel technology to lively simulate the shimmer through accurate control of light direction, intensity and color. Kirameki Display can truly deliver the various kind of sheen under different scenarios, like the shimmer of butterfly’s wings and shininess of metal products. Mr. Yang said Innolux is the first company to commercialize Kirameki Display for PID market.