Innolux Debuting Displays for Smart Vehicles and Public Spaces at Display Week 2024

Innolux is set to showcase a suite of new display technologies at Display Week 2024, taking place in San Jose, USA, from May 14 to May 16. The leading presentation will be the unlimited splicing MiniLED public display, a cutting-edge video wall. It has a fine pitch of just 1.25mm and a smaller splicing area with a 4×4 splicing achieving FHD (1920×1080) resolution. This display boasts 1,200 nits while consuming 20% less power than comparable displays, and is targeted for use in commercial venues like shopping malls and concert arenas with an improved design for heat dissipation.

Source: Innoux

Innolux will also introduce a 32-inch outdoor HMI display for digital signage in shopping malls, self-service ordering systems, and charging stations. It is designed for continuous operation in diverse environmental conditions. It features sections for advertisements and real-time information like charging statuses, optimizing energy use and improving the user experience with dynamic brightness adjustments.

For smart automotive applications Innolux is promoting its proprietary LC dimming technology. The Smart LC Window, which can be used in buildings and as car sunroofs claims to reduces air conditioning energy needs by 10%. Other products in the same vein include the Smart LC Dimming Side View Mirror and Sun Visor..

The company’s foray into sustainable technology leads with the 13.3-inch multifunctional iLC Papuros display. This e-paper solution is targeted for e-readers and electronic billboards and claims high reflectivity, rich colors, and energy efficiency…