Innolux Unveils Advanced MicroLED Display Technologies for Automotive and Digital Art Applications

Innolux has been awarded the Display Component Product Technology Award at Taiwan’s Gold Panel Awards 2024 (GPA 2024). The company was recognized for its development of two innovative technologies: the “seamless quantum dot color conversion (QDCC) AM-MicroLED display technology” and the “flexible low-reflectivity automotive MicroLED display technology.” The company says it has integrated various proprietary technologies in its display offerings, including color-conversion technology, LED chip on TFT glass mass transfer and repair technology, as well as splicing and surface treatment technologies. It plans to exhibit its new technologies at the upcoming Touch Taiwan 2024 expo.

187-inch color conversion MicroLED with “Infinite” seamless tiling technology. (Source: Innolux)

Also at Touch Taiwan 2024, the company will showcase its 187-inch color conversion MicroLED technology. This technology, claims the company, allows for borderless display designs and can be customized in sizes ranging from 26.4 inches to 220 inches, with suitability for use indoors and outdoors. Also on show, in collaboration with strategic partner GIS, Innolux has developed a transparent MicroLED display that it claims surpasses the performance of transparent OLED in terms of brightness, transparency, and durability. This technology is targeted at premium automotive applications. To that end, the company will be showing a 9.6-inch flexible automotive MicroLED display,

Source: Innolux