Ceres Holographics Unveils Windscreen HUD with Multiple Transparent Displays

Ceres Holographics has introduced an innovative heads-up display (HUD) technology featuring multiple transparent display areas integrated into a single car windshield. Each section, sized at 400mm by 300mm, uses a custom holographic optical element (HOE) to deliver a wide field of view.

Ceres claims a scalable production capability, leveraging a roll-to-roll replication process that meets the volume requirements of OEMs and being cost efficiency. To that end, Ceres has partnered with Eastman to develop a specialized photopolymer film stack suited for automotive use. This has been implemented in collaboration with an unnamed automotive windscreen manufacturer to ensure that the integration meets industry standards.

The company is also touting regulatory changes on the horizon, with the European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) set to introduce tests in 2026 that will likely influence display technologies in vehicles. The forthcoming regulations aim to minimize driver distraction by encouraging the use of intuitive physical controls over touchscreens, and may favor holographic screens over the multitude of existing digital displays being experimented with by automotive OEMs.