Innolux Showcases New Technology Heights Supreme Visual Experience with Innovative Applications

Innolux premiered three videos including “InnoLED technology”, exclusive “Multi-users N3D Display” and “Integrated Cockpit Display System” to demonstrate corporate philosophy of Panel Your Future.

Exclusive InnoLED for all displays

The exclusive InnoLED technology is embedded in full range of product series. The high local dimming zones design could effectively deliver high dynamic contrast ratio, high brightness, wide color gamut, and details of darkness. On top of the visual enjoyment, it also features low energy consumption, low blue light and portable and fashionable look to deliver stigma-free images. Innolux also introduces InnoLED technology into smart entertainment markets and showcases world’s first borderless gaming display Supreme Gaming LCD which features InnoLED ultra-high contrast ratio, 85% BT 2020 high color gamut, low power consumption, low blue light, and thin size. The 65-inch 240Hz iVRR miniLED gaming TV is the pioneer of large-size gaming TV with high refresh rate and local dimming zones to provide smooth gaming experience.

Glasses-free naked-eye N3D technology resembles parallel-to-reality image

The boom of metaverse accelerates the development of immersive visual experience and makes 3D display the best connection between virtuality and reality. Audiences could “wander” around virtuality and reality in the blink of an eye with Innolux’s exclusive N3D technology. The latest “Multi-users N3D display” delivers images resembling natural view with only a flat display which supports low computing resources, naked-eye, multi-users, and dizziness-free vision. N3D display is ideal for digital marketing to seize the opportunities of Online Merge Offline. In terms of gaming application, it could enhance the immersive experience of users.

Smart cockpit drives safety

Innolux premieres its Integrated Cockpit Display System to enhance driving safety with a driver-friendly cockpit. Driver Monitoring System, DMS, could correctly judge the physical conditions of drivers and send out safety alert in risky situations like drowsy driving. DMS can also real-time monitor the driver’s vital status and responsive ability, and with the help of ADAS to take remedy actions in a timely manner in case of an emergent traffic situation. The ultra-low reflective dashboard and CID help maintain clear data display. Passenger seat display adopting DMS could be freely switched from sharing mode to privacy mode to avoid distracting the driver. Innolux integrates and simplifies multiple user-interfaces into a single cockpit system to enhance convenience and safety.