Innoactive’s ‘VR Suitcase’ is for High End VR Demos

Innoactive of Germany has developed a mobile system it is calling a “VR Suitcase” for the HTC Vive. The system includes an MSI notebook with an NVidia GTX 1060 GPU that can support the Vive together with a special docking station that contains a high capacity battery that can support eight hours of operation. Two telescopic SteamVR base station mounts (either of which can be attached to the docking station for a desk-based seated configuration). These are made from carbon fibre and with batteries mounted in the base to drive the laser base stations for up to 8 hours.

The system has a custom case and is only for the serious. Pricing is €8,499. There’s a demo video with a link below.

Analyst Comment

In checking this story out, we found this link to a video that describes how the company worked with Media-Saturn to set up retail demonstration areas using VR to sell kitchens in Ingolstadt and Berlin. (BR)