Infocus Avoids Image Distortion

Infocus’ new entry-level DLP projectors – the IN118HDA, IN118HDSTA and IN2128HDA – feature the same aspect ratio (16:9) as today’s common consumer displays. The company made this decision to minimise the distortion of projected images.

All three projectors feature an Eco Blanking mode, enabling a user to dim the image to divert attention. Lamp life on the IN118HDA and IN118HDSTA can reach 10,000 hours using this mode (otherwise between 5,000 and 6,000, or 3,500 – 5,000 on the IN2128HDA).

The IN2128HDA is a networkable model, compatible with Crestron Roomview Connected and AMX Device Discovery. It also features optional wireless connectivity and Miracast support, as well as 2GB of internal memory.

Resolution is 1920 x 1080 on all projectors, with a 15,000:1 contrast ratio. They support 3D and closed captioning; have two 1W speakers; +/-40 deg keystone correction; and feature HDMI, VGA (x2), composite and S-Video ports. The IN2128HDA adds USB-A, USB-B, RS232 and RJ45 inputs.

Brightness and throw ratio are the main differences between the projectors. The IN118HDA outputs up to 3,000 lumens; the IN118HDSTA up to 2,700 lumens; and the IN2128HDA up to 3,500 lumens. Throw ratios are 1.5-1.8:1 on the IN118HDA and IN2128HDA, and 0.52:1 on the IN118HDSTA.

The projectors measure 292 x 108 x 220mm and weigh 2.5kg (IN118HDA and IN118HDSTA) or 3.2kg (IN2128HDA). Infocus is selling them now for $700 (IN118HDA) and $900 (IN118HDA, IN2128HDA).