Infiled Launches CBSF Technology for XR/VP Market

LED display manufacturer Infiled recently unveiled its innovative new CBSF (color and brightness shift free) technology, aiming to gain advantage in the XR (extended reality) and VP (virtual production) market.

Source: Infiled

The company claims its proprietary technology addresses some key limitations commonly faced by conventional LED displays, especially issues that have constrained the performance and adoption of LEDs XR/VP applications. One major problem plaguing standard LED displays is inconsistent color reproduction, with RGB distortions and color shifts when viewed from different angles. CBSF resolves this through stabilized RGB color temperatures across wide 160-degree viewing angles. It ensures accurate, vivid colors regardless of viewing position.

Source: Infiled

Additionally, traditional LEDs suffer from brightness instability based on viewing angle. Displays often appear darker from non-optimal angles. By maintaining consistent brightness regardless of angle, CBSF reduces the need for repetitive adjustments during filming and recording processes.

Glare has also been a problem, as conventional LEDs can have uneven surface reflection. CBSF utilizes specialized anti-glare surface treatments to enable uniform display and reduced glare issues. The technology also enhances soldering stability for improved durability and resilience.

Source: Infiled

The innovative M2 chip that powers CBSF utilizes special surface treatments for anti-glare, resulting in uniform display and reduced mirror-like reflections. An 8-pin design improves soldering stability for better durability. Infiled states that CBSF achieves a 30% reduction in power consumption compared to conventional products by using Cold LED technology, while retaining equivalent brightness.