Independent Evaluation Demonstrates Potential of V‑Nova PERSEUS™ Compression for Online Video

V Nova

V-Nova Ltd., a leading provider of video compression solutions, has published the results of a further independent evaluation of its V-Nova PERSEUS™ video compression technology.

The evaluation was conducted by independent consultancy informitv and was based on the data rates used by a major national telecommunications service provider, tested with a representative range of high-definition video material, including high-action sports coverage and standard test sequences.

Using V-Nova PERSEUS Hybrid compression, informitv was able to produce an optimised set of encoding profiles at higher resolutions, reducing the overall data rates while maintaining or improving picture quality.

  • A 1920×1080 pixel PERSEUS Hybrid encoding at 2,000kbps offered equivalent or better visual quality than the 1280×720 H.264 profile at 3,000kbps employed by the service provider
  • PERSEUS enabled 1280×720 encoding at 1,500kbps compared to a 720×408 resolution reference stream at 2,200kbps
  • At 1000kps, a 1280×720 PERSEUS powered encoding offered four times the resolution of the reference stream at a similar data rate.

“PERSEUS enables service providers to offer higher resolution video at lower data rates, without compromising picture quality,” said Dr William Cooper of informitv. “This offers users a better viewing experience, particularly over constrained or variable networks.”

Guido Meardi, V-Nova CEO and Co-Founder, added: “This independent evaluation demonstrates that V-Nova PERSEUS offers significant benefits to operators, not only saving network bandwidth but also enabling a high-definition viewing experience to more users over existing networks.”

PERSEUS Hybrid encoding uses PERSEUS compression in combination with existing standards such as H.264 to turbocharge video delivery using a software plugin for encoders and decoders.

A white paper documenting the results of the informitv evaluation is available from the V?Nova website.