Panel Makers Issue August Figures

AUO saw its August revenue drop 5% YoY to NT$28.95 billion ($925.4 million) from NT$30.49 billion ($974.6 million). The year to date turnover was down 16% to NT$207.02 billion ($6.6 billion) from NT$245.49 billion ($7.8 billion). Large panel shipments were 10.38 million (up 15% MoM) while small and medium panel shipments were 12.13 million (down 5.6% MoM).

CPT reported turnover of NT$3.44 billion ($110 million) for August, down 15% YoY, with year to date sales falling 20% to NTS25.73 billion ($822.7 million). Its subsidiary, small to medium panel maker Giantplus, saw a 7% YoY rise in monthly revenue to NT$1.03 billion ($33 million), resulting in a year to date figure of NT$7.67 billion ($245 million), up 6%. CPT shipped 63,000 large panels, down 5.4% MoM, and 35.59 million small and medium panels, up 0.5% MoM.

Hannstar Display recorded August sales of NT$2.27 billion ($72.7 million), up 71% YoY and the highest level since October 2013. However year to date revenue was down 4% to NT$11.71 billion ($374.4 million). The company saw large panel shipments fall 22.5% to 100,000 while small to medium panel shipments rose 46.6% to 39.9 million.