IHS: 32 Million M² of WCG Displays by 2020

Wide colour gamut displays (including OLED and quantum dot technologies) will reach a shipment area of 32 million m² in 2018, says IHS: 17% of total display shipment area. According to senior analyst Richard Son, WCG displays are being used to provide product differentiation.

Quantum dots come in two types: with and without the (potentially) toxic element, cadmium. Only a few companies, like Nanoco, are producing the cadmium-free version. IHS expects cadmium-free QD displays to represent 80% of the QD display market this year. Quantum dots are mainly used in TV displays, where they compete with OLED technology.

On the difference between OLED and QD technology, IHS predicted that they will reach shipment areas of 4.4 million m² and 6.1 million m² this year, respectively. By 2018 these figures will have risen to 9.2 million m² (OLED) and 13.4 million m² (QDs).

Analyst Comment

IHS’ new forecast represents a downward revision from its projection in September, when it said that 25% of display area shipments would be WCG by 2020 (WCG Displays Represent Quarter of Display Market by 2020). (TA)