Iflix Now Available on Vewd-Enabled Devices in Southeast Asia and MEA

Smart TV OTT software provider, Vewd, and entertainment service, Iflix, have partnered to make Iflix available on Vewd-enabled devices. “With more than 15 million subscribers across Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa, smart TV manufacturers and pay TV operators consider Iflix a must-have in their app catalogue,” Vewd said.

Iflix worked with the Vewd team to certify the Iflix app for the Vewd ecosystem. Certification means the Iflix app can be deployed across millions of connected TVs and set-top boxes without the need for technical integration.

Expanding Iflix’s reach comes as demand for OTT services heats up in the Asia/Pacific region. Total subscriptions in the region already overtook North America in 2017. By 2022, Digital TV Research estimates the region will account for 43% of the world’s OTT subscribers.