IC5 Pixelligent Helps with Light Extraction

Pixelligent makes PixClear high index materials that use zirconia nanocrystals which the company claims have very uniform properties and the company claims to be able to achieve 95% transmittance with 80% loading. The company, which was represented by Craig Bandes, President and CEO, has around 40 patents. The materials are used in light extraction applications such as optically clear adhesives, OLED lighting and display and LED encapsulation.

In LED encapsulation, Pixelligent material is used for internal light extraction and it is also in OLED lighting it produces a smoothing layer. It has received a lot of funding from the US government to cover developments of more efficient OLED lighting.

In displays, the company is working in OCA, anti-reflective hard coatings and HRI-enabled backlights. The company also produces materials for ITO index matching. In OLED displays, there is a quest to make them more efficient. Pixelligent puts a lens on each pixel and is working with inkjet companies to try to develop the technique. The technology is expected to get 50% to 200% more light out of the OLED materials.

Pixelligent light extraction

The company’s ‘secret sauce’ is in making the materials and it has few patents, but a lot of know how in manufacturing. Over the last three years, the company has been able to reduce its costs by 90%s by focusing on developing its manufacturing techniques.

Pixelligent said it deals with almost every significant company in the display supply chain. (BR)