I-Zone Celebrates Tenth Anniversary, Opens 2021 Applications

2021 marks the Innovation Zone’s 10th anniversary! The I-Zone was created to showcase never-before-seen display technology at Display Week. Over the past decade, the I-Zone has become one of the must-see events at the annual show. This year’s I-Zone is scheduled to take place May 17-21 as part of Display Week, the Society for Information Display’s (SID’s) International Symposium, Seminar and Exhibition.

Display Week 2021 will operate as a fully virtual, five-day show this year, and will include exhibits, live engagement, keynote addresses, discussion panels, and, of course, Display Week’s signature technical program. I-Zone will be a marquee event at the show – make sure you’re part of it.

More about I-Zone

I-Zone provides a special exhibit area for technology prototypes, proofs of concept, and new products that have been on the market no more than six months prior to Display Week. Selected I-Zone companies will participate free of charge for the length of the exhibition at the premier display event in North America.

“Over the past decade, I-Zone has established itself as the innovation pavilion at Display Week, where all attendees, from newcombers to industry veterans, go to check out the latest technologies from startups and universities,” says Harit Doshi, Chair of SID’s I-Zone and Conventions Chair. “Everyone wants to exhibit in I-Zone, even if they are also exhibiting on the main floor, but SID has reserved this space for the most cutting-edge demonstrations from the small companies and universities that will benefit most from this free-of-charge opportunity.”

2020 I-Zone Winners

Last year’s I-Zone took place as part of the first-ever virtual Display Week held in August 2020.

The 2020 Best Prototype winner at I-Zone was Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (Giga KOREA foundation) for its demonstration of innovative 1-micron TFT pixel design on glass for holographic display applications.

2020 Honorees in the I-Zone were:

  • CREAL for its light-field augmented-reality glasses.
  • Scrona AG for its NanoDrip additive printing process technology.
  • NS Nanotech for its NanoLED technology.

The deadline for applying to the 2021 I-Zone at Display Week is March 1, 2021. Applications can be submitted here. For more information, visit or email [email protected].