Huawei Competes With Tier Ones – in VR

Huawei has shown off a VR headset that is used as a ‘bring-your-own-display’ device, like the Gear VR. The Huawei VR will be used with the flagship P9, P9 Plus and Mate 8 phones, and will be released this year – possibly in late Spring. The field of view is said to be 95° and, unlike rivals, a blue light filter is built in. A touch panel on the side will be used for control, and lenses will compensate for near-sighted users with prescriptions down to -7.00. Huawei will launch the product with a library of 4,000 free films and 40 games.

Analyst Comment

The large library of free content could be really appealing to users on the fence about VR. (TA)

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