‘E-Skin’ AMOLED is Thinner Than Cling Film

An OLED display prototype, developed at the University of Tokyo, is more flexible than any type seen before – and less than quarter of the thickness of cling film (Saran wrap, to our American readers).

Measuring just 3µm in thickness, the device is described as ‘electronic skin’, or e-skin. It can be worn directly on the skin to show blood oxygen levels, and the team are also working on other health-monitoring abilities.

A sub-2µm film protects the OLED display from moisture and oxygen. This film is made of alternative layers of silicon oxynitrite and a polymer called parylene. For the display itself, the researchers attached transparent ITO electrodes to a thin substrate, as well as organic photodetectors and polymer LEDs (PLEDs), in three colours.

The display is robust enough to withstand natural movements, when worn directly on the skin.