HTC Says Vive Wireless Adaptor will Launch by Late Summer

At E3 2018, HTC revealed that its Vive Wireless Adaptor is currently scheduled for launch by late summer. The company also released some further information about the device, namely that it will be powered by the QC 3.0 Powerbank accessory already being sold by the company. It works using technology from ‘display over USB’ company, DisplayLink.

Battery life is estimated to be in the range of two to three hours, with the Powerbank powering both the adaptor and the Vive headset itself.

The company also said that up to three wireless adaptors can be used in the same vicinity and work best within six metres of the transmitter. The company held its cards close to its chest regarding pricing of the device.

US-based TPCast is also developing a third-party wireless solution for HTC Vive, scheduled for launch in the EMEA region during the third quarter of 2018.