HTC Announces Consumer Availability of Vive Tracker and Accessories

HTC has announced that the Vive Tracker, the tracking module that uses Valve’s Lighthouse tracking standard, is now available to consumers.

The Vive Tracker shipped to developers earlier this year, and now boasts support for dozens of VR titles. The device is also available as a part of two new Tracker accessory bundles. Consumers can pre-order a Tracker, the Hyper Blaster peripheral by Hyperkin and a copy of Duck Season, priced at $150. The Hyper Blaster supports several other titles, with more to come in early 2018, according to HTC.

blasterbundle gallery tiny 1 copy

The Racket Sports accessory set, including peripherals for ping-pong and tennis, is available for pre-order in a bundle with the Tracker and a digital copy of Virtual Sports, also costing $150, or without the Tracker for $80. HTC has stated that a further six titles will be released for the Racket Sports peripheral by the end of 2017.

sportsbundle tracker gallery 1 copy

Rebuff Reality has also launched the Trackstrap, a peripheral the allows the user to secure the Vive Tracker to their hands or feet. A pair of Trackstraps can be purchased for $25, including a digital copy of Redfoot Bluefoot Dancing, with current and forthcoming support for several other titles.

TrackStrap for HTC Vive Tracker Foot