Hitbox Wants to Bring 4k to eSports

A start-up company called Hitbox wants to bring UltraHD to the eSports industry. The world of live video delivery for competitive gaming is worth around $3.8 billion today, and growing. CEO Martin Klimscha says, “Gaming is about immersion, blurring the line between a screen and reality…. In running 4K at 60 frames per second, high-paced games really come to life”. Hitbox is a video delivery service specialising in high resolution and low latency – but it will be a challenge to pull gamers away from Twitch, the established platform for live streaming.

Analyst Comment

Klimscha is understandably focusing on the future. Today’s consoles cannot play games in UltraHD – that function is limited to PCs and PC games. UltraHD displays are not especially widespread yet, either, although it would make sense to suppose that gamers would be one of the first target markets for high-resolution monitors and TVs. (TA)