Hisense Selects NetRange as Content Partner for New VIDAA OS Powered TVs

NetRange MMH GmbH, the global provider of white-labelled, turnkey Smart TV and OTT ecosystems, announced that it has been chosen to provide content for the new range of Hisense TVs powered by VIDAA OS.

“NetRange has been an invaluable partner to us in ensuring that we have Smart TV apps for all the key markets of our exciting new VIDAA OS-powered TVs,” says Rajin Persaud, VP of Product at VIDAA. “We have relationships with Tier-1 app providers, but alone these apps aren’t enough to satisfy all consumers all of the time. NetRange is a one-stop-content-shop that ensures we can satisfy consumers in all our key markets and provides a quick and professional integration process which enables us to lower our software investment.”

The new Hisense Smart TVs are powered by the in-house VIDAA OS. Hisense has direct relationships with Tier 1 app providers, but to be able to offer a great Smart TV experience in all its target markets around the world, it needs the wide variety of apps that the NetRange Smart TV portal provides, including local language content for Europe, LATAM, South East Asia and the CIS markets. In addition to Smart TV content, NetRange has provided customised icon and poster design, and app debugging support for Hisense through NetRange’s browser knowledge and DRM integration experience.

“For a TV manufacturer, providing the best Smart TV content experiences that meet each regional need as well as making cutting-edge TV sets is a real challenge,” says Shinji Hoshino, VP of Web Platform Business Unit, ACCESS CO., LTD. “The NetRange Smart TV portal combined with Hisense’s direct relationships with Tier-1 app developers, ensures that the new VIDAA OS powered Hisense TVs provide great Smart TV experiences in all its target markets. An additional benefit to Hisense has been the ACCESS group’s stability and browser heritage, which has enabled us to help integrate the Hisense solution with VIDAA OS and provide continuous support and maintenance moving forward. We have been excited to help Hisense get its new VIDAA-powered TVs on the market fast and on-time.”


VIDAA USA Inc. was established in 2019 and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia USA. Our flagship product is the VIDAA TV OS which is currently in its sixth generation. VIDAA TV OS is a modern global Smart TV operating system and content platform. By choosing VIDAA, TV OEM manufacturers get a turn-key Linux based OS with voice control, an app store, billing and payment, and much more. Our customers include brands such as Hisense, Loewe, Toshiba and many others.