Himax Goes Into Mass Production on LTDI for Large Automotive Displays

Himax has announced that its large touch and display driver integration (LTDI) solution for automotive is started mass production in Q3’23. The company claims LTDI is ideal for new energy vehicles (NEVs) which feature large panoramic and curved displays. Himax pioneered LTDI technology in 2021 to enable seamless, over 30-inch integrated touch displays for vehicle cockpits.

Cars operate in various conditions – from extreme cold to extreme heat, from dusty conditions to high humidity. The components, including touch screen displays, need to be extremely reliable. The margin for error is minuscule. A malfunctioning touch screen, even for non-critical controls, can be a major distraction for the driver. If the touch screen display isn’t receiving or interpreting data correctly, it could result in misinformation or mis-operation, potentially leading to unsafe situations. Himax is banking on its ability to ensure that even in these varied conditions, the communication between the controller and the display remains correct.

The basic function of Himax’s LTDI technology is that is when a touch screen’s internal circuit and the main controller communicate and confirm the right data is being shared they are always in sync and communicate correctly. The LTDI driver circuitry verifies the validity of touch data from the screen mitigating the margin of error.