HD pay-TV Subscribers in Latin America to Reach Over 60 million by 2022

According to research by Dataxis, HD pay-TV subscribers in Latin America continues to grow significantly with a penetration rate of HD over the total pay-TV subscribers reaching 37.5%. The last update for the first quarter of 2017 estimates a penetration rate of 39.2%, and a forecast that it will reach 68.4% in 2022, amounting to a total of more than 60 million subscribers.

HD expansion is driven by the overall progression of digital TV subscribers and the installed base of HDTVs. In 2016, there were 85% with digital TV subscriptions and this is projected to be 94% in 2022. Dataxis estimated that 54.4% of TV homes had HD in 2016, and forecasts it will reach 75.9% by 2022.

In Latin America, countries that were above the regional average for HD TV penetration were, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Chile, Panama, Colombia and Costa Rica for the year 2016. Countries below the penetration level of 20% were, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

HD pay-TV penetration in Latin America will reach 68.4% by 2022