Sony TV Prices Shared

Having leaked pricing for Samsung and Vizio TVs recently, HD Guru now has a list for Sony’s upcoming products.

There will be 10 models across six ranges, in sizes from 43″ to 75″. All models run Android TV, can stream Playstation 3 games directly and have a 120Hz refresh rate. They are also all UltraHD TVs with Triluminos technology, aside from the X830C.

In addition to the above, the flagship X930C and X940C series have high dynamic range capabilities. HD Guru’s sources say that they use Sony’s new signal processor, the X1 (Sony’s TV is Slimmer Than a Smartphone), to estimate the dynamic range; they do not read meta data for this information.

The X940C will have a 75″ model (XBR75X940C), with the ability to stream UltraHD and is the only TV with a direct-LED backlight. It also has local dimming and HDMI (x4) and USB (x3) inputs. It will go on sale in May, for $8,000.

Next is the X930C, a 65″ model (XBR65X930C), which is much the same but with an edge-LED backlight. It will be launched in May for $4,500.

Lacking the dynamic range features, the X910C (XBR75X910C) is a 75″ TV with an ultra-thin design (0.2″), to be launched in May for $5,500. The X900C (55″ and 65″) are the same, and will cost $2,500 (55″, May) and $4,000 (65″, July).

The final series with Triluminos technology is the X850C, which will also be available in 55″ and 65″ sizes, as well as 75″. These will cost $2,200, $3,500 and $5,000 and be launched in May. They are not ultra-thin like the X900X/X910C.proo

Finally, the X830C will be launched in 43″ ($1,300) and 49″ ($1,600) sizes in May.