Haptic Touch Specialist Aito Raises More than €4 Million in Latest Funding Round

Aito announces its largest investment round to date, led by current investors including KBC Focus Fund, FORWARD.One and Innovation Industries. The raise of more than €4 million will help the company ramping up and bring its award-winning product to market with several leading brands in 2022.

This new investment reflects the significant growth potential for Aito in the haptic feedback market.

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Aito has created an integrated, scalable technology that delivers the most accurate and richest haptic experience. The result is a highly intelligent solution that enables consumer technology brands to build products such as laptops, accessories, display screens, gaming devices and AR/VR solutions that transform user experiences.

At less than 2.4 millimetres, Aito’s integrated finger sensing and haptic feedback solution is the industry’ slimmest haptic touchpad, providing ultra-local haptic feedback ‘only where you press’ enabling seamless design alongside bigger batteries in laptops.

Aito’s technology can be scaled to offer the largest edge-to-edge touchpads in the industry and provides consumer technology companies with new design options to create more compact and versatile laptops, accessories, displays and other devices delivering new user experiences based on tactile feedback.

Recently appointed CEO of Aito, Nedko Ivanov, comments: “This new round of funding reflects the enormous potential of the haptic touch market and is a testament to progress made by the Aito team. Our integrated finger sensing and haptic feedback product is ready to be commercialised in a range of consumer technology devices including the lucrative laptop market. This investment makes the global roll out of our product a reality.”

“With almost 80 patents, we have built a significant portfolio of intellectual property in electronic sensing, control, signal processing and mechanical construction. This enables us to provide a fully integrated haptic solution, allowing consumer technology companies to create intuitive touch experiences housed in elegant designs. This investment, combined with the team’s expertise in bringing haptic solutions to market, provides us with the scope to truly extend our reach in the global market and transform how consumer electronics devices are designed and used.”

Rudi Severijns from KBC Focus Fund comments:

Aito has invested significantly in building the most integrated and customisable finger sensing and haptic feedback solution for consumer electronics devices. This market is set for significant growth and this investment will fuel Aito’s drive to offer companies new ways to deliver an engaging and reliable user interface between humans and consumer technology devices.

Paul Pruijmboom from FORWARD.One comments:

Analysts predict the haptic touch market will double in size within the next five years and with the industry’s slimmest and most responsive solution, Aito can benefit from this fast growth, enabling consumer technology brands to offer stunning new experiences to users and delivering strong returns to its investors.

About Aito

Aito’s technology helps consumer electronics manufacturers innovate and differentiate in a multi-billion-dollar market. The company designs and develops patented finger sensing and haptic feedback solutions that help consumer electronics companies create bespoke tactile feedback for laptops and other devices. Offering the thinnest haptic solution on the market, Aito’s customers can create new touch-based applications, introducing superior user experiences that are customisable by strength, sharpness as well as sensitivity.