Hamburg Gets Taxis with Advertising

Taxi-Ad will roll out digital advertising on taxis in Hamburg after getting an approval to use the technology. German law does not allow drivers to be distracted, but the company has got an exemption from the regulations which generally limit advertising to signs on the door according to ‘Welt‘ (in German). The company believes that the use of electronic advertising will open up new opportunities for small advertisers, as the content could be changed according to where and when the taxi goes.

Falk Röbbelen, managing partner of Taxi-Ad, told Welt that the signs were developed specially and cost around €4,000 at the moment. There will be twenty units initially, followed by 150 in Hamburg and could roll out to 2000 across the country.

Taxi advertising

Analyst Comment

Of course, if autonomous vehicles become pervasive, there will be no need to worry about distracting drivers, which could open the floodgates to dynamic video advertising both on vehicles and on roadsides. Hmmm… unintended consequences….

We have previously reported on the taxi displays from Ryham. (BR)