H & M Tests Voice Interactive Mirror

Hat tip to Invidis for pointing out that Swedish company, Visualart, has developed an interactive mirror display for the H&M fashion brand that uses voice and face recognition for control, eliminating one of the key problems of interactive mirrors in store – the problem of fingerprints. The mirror is being used in the H&M flagship store in Times Square, New York. We found a video that shows how the mirror is being used (below)

The system provides selfies, gives fashion ideas and discount codes.

Analyst Comment

Fingerprints are a major drawback to the use of touch on a mirror display – we have spoken to retailers who found they had to clean the display every 15 minutes or so – and that’s not an economical option. The other issue that can be a problem is that most of the mirror technologies have an adverse influence on colour, which is not good! At MWC in 2017, we talked to HP about this. The company had been doing a lot of work to try to develop a colour neutral mirror display, although we haven’t seen it since. (BR)