Guangzhou OED Teases Graphene ePaper Display

Guangzhou OED announced the development of a “graphene display”. The company is a manufacturer of electrophoretic displays very similar to E-Ink. The latest press release points at the use of graphene as the front electrode instead of Indium (ITO). For the display technologists this is a clear indication that they are using a graphene layer as the conductive layer on top of the display film. If you are familiar with electrophoretic displays you realize that they all use a more or less standard backplane to address the encapsulated electrophoretic film in combination with a transparent front electrode.

The company also makes sure that we know that graphene is the stronger than steel and conducts heat and electricity very well. Of course, graphene can so far only be manufactured for more or less scientific applications and carries a huge price tag. How that will fit together with a display module for one of the cheapest CE products in the mobile space has to be seen.

From the press release we also learn that “graphene e-paper” is more pliable and has a higher light transmittance compared to standard products today. It also says that since graphene is derived from carbon the production cost will be much lower than standard e-paper using the rare and expensive metal Indium! – NH