Grove your VR PC Display and Browser

We recently reported that HTC has moved the VivePort app store out of Beta and HTC has released Grove as the browser of choice for the HTC Vive headset on the platform. The virtual browser experience as HTC calls it in their Vive store is actually much more than that. It not only allows the user to open up a browser window but also apps like Excel for example. If you want to work on your spreadsheet in outer space you can, thanks to several environments included in the app. (There’s a video at this link)

Source: HTC Viveport – Grove VR Browser

The app allows users to open several windows and position them in the virtual space. They will stay there and when users look away, they are out of sight. This way the viewer can create a 360º monitor around themselves if they feel like using a lot of open windows at the same time. In case you are not good at typing without looking at the keyboard, a short glance down will show you your keyboard and your hands working on them.

The app is available from HTC and will cost $4.99.

Analyst Comment

A decade ago I discussed with a colleague the chances of a consumer using a virtual or augmented reality headset to work on the computer. While we had different opinions on what would be acceptable to the consumer, reality is about to answer this question. One of the key advantages of such a system is the ability to create a virtual display monitor setup optimized for your actual task. Looking at a lot of financial information is no longer the privilege of just professional trader, the VR headset will take care of that. In a certain way this may become a real threat to the professional display monitor industry by replacing 3,4,5, or more monitors with one headset. Actually you replace multiple square feet of display area with a smartphone sized display. This should be a scary thought for some of display makers. (NH)