Google & NYT to Give Away VR Viewers

The New York Times said that it will collaborate with Google to distribute more than a million cardboard VR viewers to subscribers. The New York Times Magazine will release the viewers on the weekend of Nov 7th to coincide with the release of a new film called “The Displaced”, said to be a “a story about three children who are caught in the global refugee crisis” and will have a running time of 10-12 minutes. Digital subscribers will be able to get a viewer by sending a code by email.

Production was a challenge, not least because the production team had to be kept out of shot – tricky in a 360º project. Some characters in the film actually hold the camera boom.

The film is the first in a series to be made in collaboration with VRSE. The Times has previously worked with the company to create an image of an immigrant earlier this year. VRSE created a movie for the United Nations (