Google Glass May be Back Sooner Than We Think

After Google ended its availability of the Google Glass, many expected that we might never see the next generation of the technology, even though Google always insisted that they had ended the sale of the first version, but were still working on next generations. Up to today, the only thing you could see on the still existing Google Glass website is exactly the ‘We will be back’ message, below.

For three years Google was very quiet around these development efforts (even though they still supported industrial and commercial clients). In recent days, an article in the Wall Street Journal hints at a new design effort that includes the Italian eyewear maker Luxottica as a design partner. This may mean that Google is getting ready to throw its second hat into the ring of augmented reality devices. Inlike the Apple initiative, which is based on using a smartphone or other device for the display, this will be based on a head mounted display device similar to the first version – just better all around.

Analyst Comment

While some maybe thinking that it is foolish of Google to try again what failed the first time, I would disagree. The market promise of AR is so great that the learning stemming from developing even more failing products is very valuable in the long run. All analysts seem to agree that AR is the future of the human machine interface and being the leader in this field will make them even bigger than they are already. Just take a look at Apple during the release of the iPhone and think back at all the negative analyst comments. The reasons why this technology might never take off were all well thought out and, of course, completely false. The introduction of the tablet mirrors this situation again and led to a completely new way of using personal computing devices. I expect the same from some form of future AR device and who says that Apple has to be the winner again? (NH)