Google Assistant for LG AI ThinQ TVs Heading to Seven New Markets

Google Assistant will be made available for LG’s 2018 AI ThinQ TVs in seven more markets – Australia, Canada, France, Germany, South Korea, Spain and the UK – from the fourth quarter of 2018, with support for multiple languages. LG announced at CES 2018 that Google Assistant would be built into its TVs, with the service debuting in the US in the second quarter.

With Google Assistant built in, LG’s 2018 TVs allow users to manage daily tasks; control compatible smart home devices; display pictures from Google Photos; find information, such as the weather forecast, a nearby restaurant’s opening hours or the latest sports scores; or dim the lights without interrupting the viewing experience.

Google Assistant is compatible with more than five-thousand smart devices across hundreds of brands, making it easier to control speakers and other smart home devices connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Customers in English-speaking markets can already connect Google Home devices to LG AI-enabled TVs to send voice commands directly from their smart speakers.

This feature will become available to customers in France, Germany, Japan and South Korea by the end of 2018. Compatibility with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices – currently available in the UK and the US – will be expanded to Australia and Canada as well.

LG’s AI TVs also use deep learning technology, which allows viewers to use natural language to connect TVs to external devices or search for specific information or content, simply by issuing a verbal request — e.g., switching TV stations, turning the volume up or down, powering off, setting reminders or finding content to watch, be it through cable, OTA or streaming services.