Global Design Awards Recognise Outstanding Design Quality of Philips 2016 TVs

TP Vision’s focus on the best of European premium quality craftsmanship and design for the Philips 2016 TV range has been given the highest official recognition with the announcement of three new Design Awards, from both the prestigious iF and Red Dot design competitions; continuing the company’s long and successful track record having recently also won five design awards in 2015.

The new Philips 7101 series received honours from both the iF and Red Dot 2016 Product Awards, while the highly innovative 5231 small screen series with its unique ‘all-in-one solution’ that combines a TV, Bluetooth speaker and monitor functionality, was distinguished by a Red Dot product design award.

Both the iF and Red Dot awards are given in recognition of outstanding design achievement and each competition receives over 5000 submissions from nearly 60 countries representing the best of design in their respective categories. The awards criterion includes consideration for: innovation, formal quality, functionality and ecological compatibility.

Commenting on the new awards, Rod White, Chief Designer for TP Vision said, ‘by building on real consumer needs such as quality materials and sound performance, with an innovative use of form and usability and enhanced functionality, we have made the user experience of the product genuinely distinctive in a largely commoditised market. We are delighted that both the iF and Red Dot Awards have recognised our achievement’.

Philips 7101: Outstanding HDR+ performance combines with innovative design

The Philips 7101 series is a stunning TV combining exceptional picture quality with beautiful European design and craftsmanship and is available as 109cm (43”), 124cm (49”), and 139cm (55”) model.

Top quality real materials feature throughout the 7101 series’ design with the TV aiming for a true minimalist look featuring a super slim bezel with brushed metal detailing, a chrome ‘Ribbon’ edge feet design and discrete, high performance rear-firing, multi-ring speakers..

Picture quality is also exceptional with an Ultra HD and High Dynamic Range performance providing brighter whites, deeper blacks, more vivid colours and greater details. The inclusion of Philips unique 3-sided Ambilight technology combines with the slim bezel to give the impression of the picture escaping beyond the boundaries of the screen on to the wall behind the set. Colour, vibrancy and excitement move beyond the screen and into the room bringing with it a more thrilling, intense and immersive viewing experience.

Philips 5231-series: modern styling with a unique sound stand concept

The 5231-series represents a new concept with an eye both on great images and superb sound. Designed with a modern, clean style, the 5231-series integrates a unique dedicated Bluetooth speaker into the stand of a superb Full HD TV. The speaker offers 16W power output whilst the front firing orientation makes it perfect for playing music from a connected smart phone, tablet or computer, while also offering enhanced sound from TV shows, movies and music directly from the set itself.

A unique all in one solution combining TV, Bluetooth speaker and monitor functionality. The Philips 5231-series is available in small screen size of 61cm (24”).