Glo Aims to Exploit LCD Then Compete (BC17)

The next speaker was Fariba Danesh from glo, which is a VC-backed company developing LED products using nanotechnology. Although founded in Lund, Sweden, the company moved to Silicon Valley to further develop.

Danesh said that if you can get really good RGB colours, this helps with very many issues that face display makers. Glo uses gallium nitride-based inorganic LEDs and uses less power than OLED. They are ideal for high colour gamut displays, she said

You can exploit the current strength of LCD technology to make displays and the firm’s target markets are small and medium display applications, where the very thin form factor is a real advantage. The key competitors are LCD and OLED.

The nanowire LEDs can be produced in any colour (four colour is possible) and you can make multiple colours in a single process. The materials are very stable and lifetime is “not an issue”, Danesh said. The first RGB products are integrated displays

The LED can be used as a light source for edge-backlit LEDs with competitive efficiency with current LEDs, but much better gamut (100% NTSC).

The next step will to make direct LED displays which will have very significant advantages over OLEDs in efficiency and brightness.

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