German Consumers Still Like TVs

ZVEI commissioned a survey of 2,000 German consumers and found that the TV is still the preferred way to watch TV but there are changes in viewing practice. The study can be downloaded (although it’s in German). Other data from the survey suggest that penetration of Smart TVs in Germany is now 50%, while HD flat displays are now at 85% and CRTs are now down to 9%.

German consumers like their TVs as these are their main devices. Germany has, for many years, a good market for devices that enable PCs to watch TV and that remains a popular way for watching. The figure of 6% projectors may also cause surprise.

Smart TV has seen good penetration and consumers were queried in the survey about the benefits that they found.

Benefits of Smart TV

German consumers are very technically aware and thorough in trying to understand their purchases. ZVEI asked consumers if they understand the terms being used by TV brands. It’s clear that there is still work to do, but, given that many of the features are mainly aimed at the premium end of the market, it’s possible that high end consumers are reasonably educated, although Samsung clearly has a lot of work to do to make the market aware of Quantum Dots.

Technology awarenessTechnology awareness – click for higher resolution

55% of consumers want to have catch-up services on their TVs.