German CE Trends Continue in Q3

The positive trend in consumer electronics (CE) sales in Germany has continued. Compared to the first nine months of 2013, sales to September 2014 were up 2.5%. The Consumer Electronics Market Index (Cemix), published by the GFU, has shown that total revenues reached more than €18.9 billion, compared to just under €18.5 billion in Q1-Q3 2013.

Cemix data is divided into three sections: Classic CE, Private-Use Telecom Products and Private-Use IT Products. Sales of classic CE products – including items such as TVs and STBs – were once again down, falling 3% YoY to €7 billion – although this was a lower fall than the 4% in the first half of the year. Private-use telecom products (including smartphones and feature phones) were up 3.7%, to more than €6.2 billion; and private-use IT products (such as tablets, monitors and notebooks) climbed 8.8%, to €5.7 billion.

TV sales were stable, at €3.2 billion; however, rising unit sales (up 8.4% to 5.7 million) indicate falling ASPs. STBs (-17.1%), video (-11.2%), camcorders (-8.4%), digital cameras (-22.6%), personal audio players (-19.8%) and in-car multimedia products (-1.8%) also saw falling revenues in the classic CE sector. However, home audio (4%), accessories (21.2%) and game consoles (82.2%) rose.

Smartphones continued to dominate private-use telecom products. More than 16.6 million smartphones were sold, a 7.2% rise. Revenues rose 5.6% YoY, to €5.9 billion.

Once again, almost all private-use IT product categories saw sales and revenue increases. Desktop PCs rose 28.6% with revenues up 22.5%; tablets were up 24.5% with revenues up 11.5%; and projectors climbed 49% with a revenue increase of 46.2%.

The GFU expects a continued positive trend in the market at the end of the year, and therefore an overall YoY increase of 2%.