Garmin Introduces Touch Aviation Displays

Garmin has developed some new touchscreen display systems for aviation. The G500 TXi, G600 TXi and G700 TXi flight displays are in 7″, 7″ and 10.6″ diagonals and support features such as pinch and zoom and have faster rendering than previous versions.

The 10.6″ display can operate as a primary flight display (PFD), multi-function display (MFD) and optional integrated EIS in a highly customized package, while the 7″ portrait display can be dedicated to any one of those functions. The 7-inch landscape display is available exclusively as a dedicated EIS (Electronic Instrument System) solution. The G500 TXi system is intended for Part 23 Class I/II aircraft under 6,000 lbs. and the G600 TXi flight displays are intended for Class III aircraft that weigh up to 12,500 lbs. The G700 TXi is exclusively for Part 23 Class IV and Part 25 aircraft that weigh greater than 12,500 lbs.

The Garmin G600 TXi 10.6″ display

Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for the G500 TXi/G600 TXi and EIS TXi systems are targeted for approval in Q4 2017, which will feature a comprehensive approved model list (AML) containing over 600 single-engine piston, twin-engine piston and turboprop aircraft makes and models. There are 26 different cockpit configurations.

When the TXi series is paired with a GTN 650/750 touchscreen navigator, Connext wireless connectivity offers additional capabilities. Flight Stream 510 is an option with the GTN 650/750, which enables Database Concierge, the wireless transfer of aviation databases from the Garmin Pilot app on a mobile device to a GTN and the TXi system. Flight Stream 510 also supports the sharing of information with compatible mobile devices running Garmin Pilot or ForeFlight Mobile, including two-way flight plan transfer, traffic, weather, GPS information and back-up attitude information as available.

Pricing is

G500 TXi

  • 7-inch display: starting at $11,995
  • 10.6-inch display: starting at $15,995
  • Addition of EIS to a G500 TXi flight display starting at $4,995

G600 TXi

  • 7-inch display: starting at $18,995
  • 10.6-inch display: starting at $24,995

Standalone EIS TXi (twin-engine, six-cylinder piston aircraft such as a 58 Baron)

  • Starting at $17,935

Analyst Comment

A friend of mine that had a private pilot’s licence explained to me that aviation GPS systems have to be designed in a particular way to ensure that way points had a variation added. Early on, pilots entering the same waypoint could end up converging on a very precise location – which had never been a problem with analogue location finding because of the errors! (BR)