Fraunhofer’s Microdisplay has Colour and Scalable Resolution

Fraunhofer FEP will present a new OLED microdisplay at HMI 2015 in Hannover next month (13th – 17th April), which will combine display and camera functions.

The new full-colour unit is bi-directional; it is a display element with an embedded image sensor. Thanks to this design, users can control images and video on the display using their eyes. Both the display and camera function have 800 x 600 resolution.

Bernd Richter of Fraunhofer FEP said, “All essential key parameters of the chip could be improved significantly. This includes an increased resolution of the display and the image sensor, as well as an enhanced colour depth and the integration of further important components directly into the microdisplay chip. Following this, the microdisplay can be operated with significantly fewer external components and thus contributes to further development of miniaturised and efficient systems”.

Development kits will be offered in various configurations, which can be integrated directly into product-specific applications.