Fossil Focuses on Hybrids

The Wareable blog spoke to Antonio Nigro, a Group VP of Europe North for Fossil group, which is developing many products this year. The company is launching a lot of products – as many as 300 in 2017 this year.

Nigro said that the main target group for its smartwatches and hybrid watches is millenials. They like features such as fitness and sleep tracking on hybrid watches, but also like a feature which is a ‘selfie button’ used to trigger a smartphone camera. The market for hybrids is different from touch-enabled Android Wear watches, which are more popular with professionals.

Fossil is also trying to develop the market for female consumers and is making its hybrids slimmer. It is also continuing to focus on watches rather than smart jewellery, despite its acquisiton of Misfit.

Nigro also emphasised that Fossil sees fashion and style as the key drivers of the market.