FMM Improvements Allow Higher Resolution

At the Finetech show in Tokyo, V-Technology of Japan, a maker of shadow masks for OLED deposition, had shown a fine hybrid mask (FHM) that can support up to 738 ppi. The company told the blog that a new manufacturing process is being used that reduces the weight of the mask by up to 90%, which solves a problem of sag in the mask caused by its own weight. V-Technology has also developed the idea of a vertical deposition system that reduces the spacing between the source and mask, which helps to improve yield.

The Japan Times reported in January that V-Technology has a new shareholder – a US hedge fund, Renaissance Technologies. The paper reports that V-Technology has been supplying Samsung since 2009, but has a big opportunity to supply companies in China that want to make OLEDs.

Analyst Comment

We reported on another system for FMM at even higher resolutions from Sunic Systems that was promoted at MWC. (Samsung Pushed Resolution at MWC)