Flexible Displays Will Grow 900% in 2015

The flexible display market (those that can be bent and folded when active, and are manufactured on flexible substrates and/or using flexible processes) will grow 900% next year, compared to 2014. Charles Annis of DisplaySearch writes that this rise is being enabled by growth in flexible manufacturing capacity, as both LG Display and Samsung increase capacity on current lines. Samsung is also beginning production at its new flexible dedicated A3 line.

Long-range forecasting for flexible displays is difficult. Some of the manufacturing technology for the rapid growth of these units has not been developed yet, or is unproven in mass production. Demand for flexible displays is very price elastic and the technology will need to be cost-competitive with conventional displays.

There is little visibility for flexible displays beyond 2016. DisplaySearch believes that the most likely future is a revenue CAGR of 119% from 2013, to create a market exceeding $20 billion in 2021.