Dolby Vision Will Arrive With Consumers in 2015

We have been covering Dolby’s work with HDR since IBC 2012 (Display Monitor Vol 19 No 38), and at CES 2014 the company showed off its Dolby Vision technology, with several partners (Display Monitor Vol 21 No 3). The technology will progress this year, as there are plans to integrate Dolby Vision into cinemas and offer the experience in consumers’ living rooms.

Dolby is working with Warner Bros. on its HDR technology, and films using the format will be released in Q1; the first will be The Lego Movie, Edge of Tomorrow and Into the Storm. Netflix has also said that it is working with Dolby to support Dolby Vision when it launches an HDR streaming service later this year.

TVs with the technology are expected to be released this year.

Dolby Vision raises the peak brightness of a TV to the region of 4,000cd/m²