Eyesafe and BenQ Unveil Monitor with World’s Most Advanced Blue Light Display Technology 

 BenQ, a world-leading display technology and solutions provider and Eyesafe, a global leader in blue light mitigating technology, standards and solutions, announced that BenQ and Eyesafe have collaborated on a successful implementation of Eyesafe DTX technology on a BenQ monitor, which will be highlighted as part of the CES 2023 Innovation Showcase in Las Vegas. Eyesafe DTX is a patented hardware technology that enables display manufacturers to reduce blue light toxicity while improving display performance. With Eyesafe DTX, BenQ will achieve the highest level of blue light protection in the market. Unlike other hardware and software solutions that dramatically impact color gamut, white point, and luminance, Eyesafe DTX brings a proprietary approach that maximizes blue light protection without compromising color performance.

At CES, BenQ will debut an Eyesafe DTX monitor with a Radiance Protection Factor (RPF) of 70 — the highest blue light protection available in the marketplace. This monitor has been selected as one of only eight products featured in the CES Innovation Showcase Computer Hardware and Components category.

“BenQ has always placed tremendous importance on consumer health and safety throughout the product development process, and today’s announcement marks a seminal moment for our company,” said Conway Lee, the Chief Executive Officer and President of BenQ. “We are honored to be recognized, together with our partners at Eyesafe, by the Consumer Technology Association for our shared commitment to health and safety as well as optimal display performance. The BenQ Eyesafe DTX monitor that will be featured in the CES Innovation Showcase is a peek into a future in which all BenQ displays will be optimizing display performance while maximizing blue light safety for consumers.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with BenQ to bring this groundbreaking technology to CES and to the world,” said Justin Barrett, co-founder and CEO of Eyesafe. “Eyesafe DTX was designed for human health. We are showing the industry that the era of blue light mitigation at the expense of color performance is now a thing of the past. This is a significant leap in terms of how we as an industry think about blue light and rich, vivid display. It’s no long a question of ‘either’ or ‘or’ – now it’s a matter of ‘and’ and ‘plus'”.

Eyesafe DTX is an innovative solution that utilizes and recycles high-energy blue light within the display stack to reduce toxicity, while improving overall display performance. Unlike other LED solutions, this technology is a bespoke solution calibrated to meet the specific requirements of each brand or manufacturing partner. Additionally, unlike other typical approaches to lowering toxic blue light emissions, Eyesafe DTX is the only solution developed in concert with the world’s leading optometrists and ophthalmologists.

“Congratulations to BenQ for its leadership,” said Dr. David Friess, a world-renowned optometrist who leads the Eyesafe Vision Health Advisory Board, a group of optometrists and ophthalmologists from across the globe. This board advises Eyesafe on the evidenced-based health requirements and standards for blue light emissions. “BenQ clearly understands the need for blue light mitigation solutions, and they are on the forefront of this important public health concern. We commend the leadership of BenQ for taking such a strong stand on blue light protection.”