Teen Inventor Creates Ambient-Lit Computer Monitor to Reduce Eye Strain

18-year-old Louis Huang has invented a new type of computer monitor called Eazeye that aims to reduce eye strain caused by prolonged screen time, according to a report in Fast Company.

Source: Louis Huang

Huang, a high school senior in Connecticut, came up with the idea after struggling with dry, strained eyes after hours of screen time doing homework and assignments on various devices. Unable to find an existing monitor that reduced eye fatigue, he set out to create his own ambient-lit monitor.

The display uses an LCD panel lit by reflected ambient light rather than conventional backlighting. It has a bright white carbon fiber panel that tilts to bounce light from the surroundings through the display. This provides enough illumination to use the monitor without powered backlights in well-lit environments.

After developing prototypes in China with the help of his parents’ manufacturing connections, Huang has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund production of the Eazeye monitor. The $1,099 monitor uses 90% less electricity than typical monitors when running without its backup LEDs.

Huang believes Eazeye provides similar functionality to conventional monitors while reducing eye strain. Early reviews suggest the monitor performs best in bright, open spaces and may not work as well in dim offices. However, even with backup lighting on, Eazeye provides a noticeably dimmer display that may still ease eye fatigue.

The young inventor hopes his ambient-lit monitor can change how people view brightly lit screens and provide an ergonomic alternative to traditional backlit displays.