Excellence Down the Line: Philips Monitors at ISE 2019


From 5-8 February 2019, Philips monitors is sharing its stand with Philips Professional Display Solutions at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2019, the largest exhibition for AV and systems integration professionals in the world.

Visitors are invited to discover the latest Philips monitors on display at Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre, Hall 10, booth K170/H170. Highlights include 4-sided frameless screens, SuperWide curved screens, green innovations, USB-C docking technology, and more.

The Comfort Of SuperWide

One of the most striking features that visitors will notice among the Philips monitors being showcased at ISE is the SuperWide 32:9 format. From trading rooms to architectural firms to graphic design agencies, this kind of space inspires the imagination while ensuring total user comfort all day long thanks to the height-adjustable stand with swivel and tilt functions and 1800r curve for more natural viewing.

The Power Of Touch

Some of the Philips monitors on display at ISE feature touch-screen technology. Equipped with Projected-Capacitive (P-Cap) touch, they not only support up to 10 points but provide worry-free use thanks to advanced IP54 protection against contact, water, and dust. Ergonomic comfort is guaranteed as well, since these screens include a flexible stand that enables users to choose whichever height or angle best suits their needs.

The Flexibility Of USB-C Docking

USB-C docking is a powerful, practical solution designed to boost productivity for today’s multi-tasking, polyvalent professionals. Featuring a slim, reversible USB-C connector for easy, one-cable docking, as well as high-speed USB 3.1 technology, this connectivity solution enables users to transfer data quickly and securely, recharge their notebooks, and plug their peripherals directly into the monitor to share files, watch videos, and much more.h

A closer look at this year’s ISE highlights:

499P9H – measuring an expansive 49” (48.8″), this show-stopping monitor features a curved SuperWide LCD display that easily replaces two side-by-side 27” QHD monitors. In addition to the infinite flexibility that the 32:9 format provides, the 499P9H includes a wide array of innovative features for heightened productivity and efficient multi-tasking. These include USB-C docking for maximal connectivity and high-speed data transfer, a MultiClient Integrated KVM switch that allows users to manage two separate PCs simultaneously, and a pop-up Windows HelloTM webcam with facial recognition that can be easily stored when not in use. Users enjoy a comfortable experience all day long as well, thanks to the ergonomic features.

222B9T and 172B9T – these professional monitors feature touchscreen technology with 10-point p-cap touch and stylus, as well as ergonomic comfort provided by a multi-position flexible stand. Plus, IP54 protection gives professionals the peace of mind that comes of knowing that their screen is safe from contact, dust, and water infiltration. These highly versatile monitors also feature a wide array of connectivity options including VGA, HDMI, USB 3.0, and DVI. The 221B9T measures 21.5” with a TN or IPS display while the 172B9T measures 17” with a TN display.

241B7QGJEB – this 24” (23.8”) full HD LCD model is at the forefront of sustainable innovation. It offers a vast array of high-performance, power-saving technologies such as a low-power backlit design for optimal brightness and minimal consumption, a PowerSensor that determines the user’s presence or absence via harmless infrared signals and automatically reduces monitor brightness accordingly, and LightSensor technology that senses ambient light and automatically adjusts screen brightness. The monitor is composed of lightweight, 85% post-consumer recycled plastics with TCO Certified Edge and is completely free of such harmful substances as lead, mercury, and PVC/BFR. All plastic body parts, metal chassis parts, and packing materials are 100% recyclable as well.

329P9H – this efficiency-boosting 31.5” (16:9) monitor offers a premium 4-sided frameless flat display with UltraClear, 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution images for users who require high details and reliable colour accuracy. Equipped with a practical integrated KVM switch, this monitor also offers users the power and connectivity of USB-C docking, the convenience and safety of Windows HelloTM pop-up webcam, and the energy-saving efficiency of the PowerSensor.