ETNews: Samsung Will Account for 60% of Global Smart TV Sales

ETNews predicts that Smart TVs will account for 60% of the global TV sales going forward. Citing market data from IHS, the publication anticipates that Samsung will take the largest market share, accounting for 37.9% of all Smart TV shipments, followed by LG on 12.5%, Sony with 8.4%, Vizio on 5.9% and Philips with 3.4%. These estimates are based on Samsung’s previous track record—the sales percentage of the company’s Smart TVs have more than doubled from 32% in 2012 to 65% in 2016, and is expected to have grown further to 72% in 2017.

Samsung recently announced the integration of the Bixby smart assistant into the company’s TVs, home appliances and automotive components, as well as the new SmartThings app, which will merge the features of its current apps, Samsung Connect, Smart Home and Smart View, into one, providing a unified control interface for multiple Samsung devices. Samsung SmartThings is due to launch in spring. LG announced its ThinQ IoT control software at CES.

Analyst Comment

It remains to be seen whether the developments in SmartTV to support IoT apps will be as widely adopted as the major TV makers hope following their announcements at CES. (BR)